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18 Vietnamese attend Nairobi Social Forum

An 18-member Vietnamese delegation, organized by VPDF, attended the Seventh World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, from 15th to 28th, January 2007. The delegation took part in various Forum activities, notably the opening March for Peace and the Peace Fair. A VPDF-sponsored panel workshop titled “Vietnam on the Road to Socialism” attracted a large number of overseas delegates.

Asia-Europe Forum supports Agent Orange victims

Vietnamese Agent Orange victims and others victimized by weapons of mass destruction enjoyed warm support from the over 500 men and women taking part in the 7th Asia-Europe People’s Forum, held in Beijing on October 13-15. The Forum’s Final Declaration stated: “Support and protect survivors of the use and effects of weapons of mass destruction. Hold companies responsible for the production of weapons of mass destruction and toxic chemicals to account so that victims are compensated.” This unmistakably implies Dow Chemicals, Monsanto and other US companies which produced the dioxin-rich Agent Orange (AO) used by US forces during the Vietnam war, causing millions of victims.

Anti-nuke conference supports Agent Orange victims

Support for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims was emphasized at the 2008 World Conference Against A&H Bombs, held in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 3-9.
Speakers at various plenary sessions and workshops expressed symphathy with the victims of the dioxin-rich chemical Agent Orange used by US forces during the Vietnam war, and demanded that the US compensate for the victims’ losses and sufferings.

China & WTO: VPDF-hosted exchange of experience

Chinese experience related to “WTO accession and China’s agriculture: Trade and Impacts” was discussed at a VPDF-organized roundtable in Hanoi.

The event, taking place on May 16, was part of a Vietnam tour made at VPDF’s invitation by Dr. Peng Tingjun, a researcher at the Agriculture Trade Promotion Center of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.
Dr. Peng’s presentation and discussions at the roundtable included China’s WTO commitments on agriculture and implementation; China’s agricultural trade after its WTO accession; impacts of agricultural trade liberalization; measures taken by the Chinese Government; challenges ahead; and lessons applicable to Vietnam./.


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