Friday, 24 Jan 2020
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Hanoi workshop discusses economic independence, autonomy
Researchers from many institutions, joined by former diplomats, attended a workshop in Hanoi on September 24th themed “Independence and autonomy in Vietnam’s international economic integration”.
VPDF President Nguyễn Thị Bình presided over the event, co-sponsored by the VPDF, the Vietnam Institute of Economics, and the Vietnam Economic Times magazine.
Presentations and comments at the workshop included:
-    Economic independence and autonomy: Questions posed in the context of globalization, by Trần Đình Thiên, Director, Vietnam Institute of Economics;
-    Building an independent and autonomous economy in conditions of international integration: Approaches and realities – The case of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), by Nguyễn Quang Thái, Vice-President, Vietnam Economic Science Association;
-    Building an independent and autonomous economy – A perception, by Vũ Hữu Ngoạn, former Professor of the National Academy of Politics and Public Administration, VPDF Council member;
-    From the World Trade Organization (WTO) to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), by Võ Trí Thành, Deputy Director, Central Institute of Economic Management;
-    Views from Vietnamese businesses, by Cao Sỹ Kiêm, former Governor of the State Bank, President of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises;
-    Understanding economic independence and autonomy, by Nguyễn Lang, former Professor of the National Economics University, VPDF Board member;
-    Developing Vietnamese businesses in international economic integration, by Phạm Chi Lan, researcher;
-    Thoughts about Official Development Assistance (ODA), by Phạm Văn Chương, VPDF Vice-President;
-    Agricultural independence and autonomy in integration”, by Đặng Kim Sơn, Director, Institute of Agricutural and Rural Development Policy and Strategy;
-    Toward a commodity, quality, sustainable, climate change adaptable and environmentally friendly agriculture, by Trần Đình Long, President, Vietnam Seeds Association;
-    US and China: Wrestling for hegemony or “New Type of Major-Power Relationship”, by Nguyễn Văn Thanh, VPDF Vice-President;
-    US – China competition and Vietnam’s independence and autonomy, by Nguyễn Đình Luân, former Science Secretary of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, VPDF Council member;
-    Understanding major-power relations, by Phạm Ngạc, former Ambassador, VPDF Council member.
A roundtable on the same topic has been scheduled for October in HoChiMinh City.
Ideas collected from the events would be submitted for consideration by policy-making instances./.




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