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People’s organizations prepare for Asia-Europe forum
Representatives of civil society organizations from 13 Asian and European countries took part in a Hanoi workshop on September 9th-10th in preparation for the 10th Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF-10) scheduled for next month in Milan.
The thematic event, titled “Peace and security in Asia and Europe”, drew participants from Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Finland, India, Italy, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. A Dutch scholar sent his video-taped presentation.
The workshop was co-hosted by the AEPF International Organizing Committee and the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation.
Topics of discussion included: military spending and arms transfer; nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction; dangers of armed conflicts, internal conflicts, unresolved conflicts and points of conflagration; peaceful conflict resolution, gender relations, intercommunity and identity relations, regional conflicts; killer drones, killer robots, other secret weapons.
Speakers included:
-    Lisa Clark (Italy), Rete Italiana per il Disarmo and International Peace Bureau, Military spending and arms transfer;
-    Phạm Văn Chương (Vietnam), Vietnam Committee for Asian-Arican-Latin American Solidarity and Cooperation, Peace and security in Asia – Issues and solutions;
-    Martin Broek (the Netherlands), European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT), Arms trade relations Asia Europe (video);
-    Meri Joyce (Australia), Peace Boat / Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflit (GPPAC), Disarmament for development;
-    Yayoi Tsuchida (Japan), Japan Council Against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikyo), Toward the 2015 NPT international joint action;
-    Nguyễn Minh Y (Vietnam), Vietnam Peace Committee, Agent Orange – A perfidious weapon of mass destruction;
-    Thandar Thin (Myanmar), Women’s Organizations Network, Developments in Myanmar;
-    Chito Sta. Romana (Philippines), Philippine Association for Chinese Studies (PACS), Escalating US-China strategic rivalry in Asia;
-    Anuradha M. Chenoy (India), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts;
-    Sumeera Shrestha (Nepal), Women for Human Rights, Internal armed conflict of Nepal – Brief background;
-    Maria Lourdes Nuera (Philippines), Initiatives for International Dialogue, Toward a regional dispute prevention and settlement mechanism;
-    Nguyễn Văn Huỳnh (Vietnam), Vietnam Peace Committee, Peaceful settlement of local wars and armed conflicts;
-    Farooq Tariq (Pakistan), Awami Workers’ Party, Killer drones, killer robots, other secret weapons;
-    Amabella Carumba (Philippines), Mindanao People’s Peace Movement, US military presence in the Philippines.
The Workshop adopted an “AEPF 2014 Basic Concept Paper – Peace and Security” as a contribution to preparations for the Peace and Security Cluster of the Milan forum./.




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