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Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Terms of Reference


“The role of peace in promoting and protecting human rights

1General information about the VPDF

The Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) was founded on 9th April 2003 (after 4 years of preparation). Its executive body -- the Board -- consists of 42 members.

The VPDF is to mobilize organizations and individuals inside and outside Vietnam to contribute to peace and development in Vietnam and other countries in the world.

Beside the mentioned duty, the VPDF plays a focal point role to receive and provide international ngos with information of conferences, workshops related to issues of peace, solidarity, friendship and development. The VPDF also works as a consultant in carrying out projects related to peace and development, solicit financial assistance from local and foreign organizations and individuals... Activities of the VPDF in Vietnam have been remarkably contributing to enhance and strengthen the multilateral and lateral relationships between Vietnam and organizations, people all around the world; increasing the quality of cooperation with international and national ngos.

The VPDF is in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and NGO relation with the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR).

The VPDF’s organizational structure consists of the following:

- The Convention

- The Council

- The Board

- The Secretariat

- The Control Commission and

- Functional bodies

The VPDF’s members:

The members of the VPDF are specialists, consultants, former politicans... working in a variety of fields related to peace and development.

The VPDF focuses on the following themes:


- Issues of Peace and Security


- Economics

- Agriculture

- Sustainable Development

- Education

- Social Protection

- Environment and Climate Change

2. Objectives:

- To analyze the definition of the right to peace, as well as the relations between peace and human rights.

- To present the general background, related international laws and the relations (UN, EU, ASEAN…) between the maintenance of peace and the promotion and protection of human rights.

- To analyze the global and regional context which have negative impacts on human rights.

- To share Vietnam’s experience and achievements in promoting and protecting human rights by maintaining peace and stabilizing security.

- To discuss cooperation between peace movements to deal with threats to peace and human rights.

- To discuss “ensuring human rights will contribute to the maintenance of peace and social stability”.

3. Description:

Translation of all necessary documents and materials of the workshop

4. Requirements:

- Bachelor degree or higher qualification

- Experience in related fields

- Experience and advanced translation skill

5. Expected output:

- All of the contents of the documents and material are well-translated, provided on time

- The quality of translation matches the requirements (comprehensive, accurate, reasonable...) of the VPDF

6. Contact information

To whom it may concern: please send us your quotations and for further information please contact:

Ms. Bui Lien Huong – Secretary of VPDF

Phone number: 043.9454272

Deadline: 30/8/2017






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