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VPDF’s partnerships expanded, diversified

Over the past five years since its founding, the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation has been able to build, expand and diversify a network of partner organizations in many countries and all continents, including political parties, non-governmental organizations, regional and international organizations.
The remark was made by Mr. Trần Đắc Lợi, then VPDF General Secretary, in a report to VPDF’s Second Convention in Hanoi last June.

The report says notably:
Among major partners are progressive organizations in China, Laos, Cambodia, the United States of America, Western Europe, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Australia, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, and South Africa.
VPDF has also expanded its relationships with "civil society" and non-governmental organizations in Southeast Asia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, South Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
Many close partners are organizations for friendship with Vietnam in Western Europe.
Other partners have good working relations with their respective governments, such as in China, Cuba, Japan and Australia.
Reliable partnerships have been built with regional and international organizations, such as Focus on the Global South, World Forum of Alternatives, Arab-African Research Center, ActionAid International, Oxfam, Transnational Institute and One World Action
VPDF has taken an active part in major international mechanisms and networks, such as ASEAN Civil Society Forum, International Network on global conflict prevention, Asia-Europe People’s Forum International Organizing Committee, World Social Forum, South-South People’s Solidarity Network Coordinating Group, Asia-Pacific NGO Network under ECOSOC.
A VPDF representative is now on the Board of Focus on the Global South.. 
VPDF has sponsored or joined over 70 events related to people-to-people diplomacy, including participation of 43 delegations in activities abroad, working tours for 18 foreign delegations in Vietnam, and holding of 9 national and international seminars.
VPDF’s activities have been fairly diversified in content and form alike. There have been multilateral conferences and forums dealing with issues related to peace, security, solidarity, international trade, equitable and sustainable development, agricultural and rural development, democracy, human rights, civil society, globalization, capitalism, and socialism. There have also been bilateral exchanges of experience and information, and presentations of the situation in Vietnam with a view to international solidarity and cooperation with the country.
Through participation in the World Social Forums – the largest events of people’s movements in the world today – in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, VPDF has helped inform foreign friends about Vietnam’s renewal process and advance towards socialism, and mobilize world support for Vietnamese victims of the toxic chemical Agent Orange used by US forces during the war.
As a member of the International Organizing Committee for the 2004 and 2006 Asia-Europe People’s Forums, VPDF has helped solve the problems that cropped up prior to and during the events, promote positive and progressive tendencies, and make the Forums successful..
It has also contributed effectively to the Asia Meeting of Alliance 21 (2003), ASEAN Civil Society Forum (2005, 2006, 2007), World Conference Against A & H Bombs (2003, 2004), International Conference on Consequences of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam (2005), meetings of the Global Conflict Prevention Network (2005, 2007), World Peace Forum (2006), conferences of the Asia-Pacific NGO Network under ECOSOC ( 2005, 2007, 2008), the international conference  "The Earth Above All" (2006), International Peace Conference (2006), Forum on Asia-Pacific Solidarity with Latin America (2007).
VPDF has hosted the International Seminar on Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction and International Meeting for Solidarity, Friendship and Cooperation with Vietnam (2005), and the Inter-Asian Dialogue (2006), and participated in the Executive Committee meetings and General Assembly of the World Peace Council.
Since 2004, in cooperation with the Japanese Sasakawa Peace Foundation, VPDF has implemented projects on young leaders’ capacity enhancement and rural community development benefiting Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Nam and Vĩnh Long  provinces.
VPDF has attached particular importance to studies and researches related to peace and development. A focus has been the ongoing globalization process and its impacts on Vietnam after accession to the WTO. Discussions have been organized on globalization, neoliberalism and WTO in Hanoi, Hồ Chí Minh City and Đà Nẵng; on equitization of state-owned enterprises in Vietnam, education and WTO, agriculture and WTO…
Study tours have been made abroad for echanges of information and experience on administrative reform, education reform, and combating corruption, while foreign researchers have been invited to share information on issues related to globalization.
As a result, useful information has been disseminated and relevant recommendations have been made. Materials distributed and talks given by VPDF, for instance, have helped Vietnamese see more comprehensively both the positive and negative aspects of globalization, opportunities and challenges posed by accession to WTO. Analyses and recommendations made by VPDF to related research and policy-making bodies on the current state of education in Vietnam and the need for a new, fundamental and comprehensive education reform have been accorded warm appreciation./.




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