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Japanese NGO finances VPDF-sponsored community projects

For two and a half years, the Japanese Sasakawa Peace Foundation has been financing community development projects in three Vietnamese provinces, with VPDF as a link organization.
The projects started in 2006 after a joint study had concluded that Japan was very successful in cooperative activities targeting the development of production and tourism and improvement of the people’s living standards, and that exchanges of experience, financed by Sasakawa Peace Foundation, would be of great help to Vietnamese local communities.

Three provinces – Hà Tĩnh and Quảng Nam in northern and southern Central Vietnam, and Vĩnh Long in the Mekong delta – were chosen as beneficiaries, and local organizations project partners.
Operations in recent years have focused on the production and consumption of clean and organic agricultural products, as well as establishment of a direct consumption system from producers to consumers. Another issue of interest has been the building of along-the-road stations according to the Japanese model of Michino-eki. As parking and shun-danger areas, along-the-road stations are especially meaningful for Quảng Nam, a coastal province frequently victimized by storms and floods, now that in Vietnam along-the-road stations are mostly spontaneous and constructed by private enterprises with sub-standard quality. They meet local needs and help solve obstruction and sanitary problems.
This financial year, project activities are chiefly focused in Quảng Nam, with the participation of representatives from Hà Tĩnh and Vĩnh Long. A model of safe vegetables production and distribution of safe agricultural products directly to consumers – called “farmers’ store” – has been chosen for Tam Kỳ, Quảng Nam’s provincial capital.
In October, a VPDF-sponsored delegation including representatives of the three Vietnamese beneficiary provinces visited Japan. The visitors expressed the wish that, in view of its practicability, the project woul be renewed after its end in March 2009./.





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