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Roundtable discusses financial crisis

A VPDF-sponsored roundtable on the current global financial crisis and its impacts on Vietnam was held in Hanoi on December 23, with over 30 researchers from various institutions taking part.

The participants dealt with various aspects of the crisis, its causes and development, remedial measures taken by different countries so far, and lessons drawn therefrom about the roles that could be played by the market and the State in shaping a least vulnerable possible national economy in the conditions of globalization.

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China & WTO: VPDF-hosted exchange of experience

Chinese experience related to “WTO accession and China’s agriculture: Trade and Impacts” was discussed at a VPDF-organized roundtable in Hanoi.

The event, taking place on May 16, was part of a Vietnam tour made at VPDF’s invitation by Dr. Peng Tingjun, a researcher at the Agriculture Trade Promotion Center of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.
Dr. Peng’s presentation and discussions at the roundtable included China’s WTO commitments on agriculture and implementation; China’s agricultural trade after its WTO accession; impacts of agricultural trade liberalization; measures taken by the Chinese Government; challenges ahead; and lessons applicable to Vietnam./.

VPDF hosts South-South solidarity event

A 3-day event called “South-South People’s Solidarity Meetings” was held in Hanoi, hosted by the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) and sponsored by ActionAid International.
The Meetings aimed at taking forward the decision on launching the South-South Solidarity Network and related discussions at the various regional, inter-continental and social forums, notably the Nairobi World Social Forum in January 2007.

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