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                                                                                                                                             Monday, 2nd November 2016



Terms of Reference


Research on “Social security in Vietnam and the role of Vietnamese people’s organizations in building and implementing social security policies”

 1. General information about the VPDF

The Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) was founded on 9th April 2003 (after 4 years of preparation). Its executive body -- the Board -- consists of 42 members.

The VPDF is to mobilize organizations and individuals inside and outside Vietnam to contribute to peace and development in Vietnam and other countries in the world.

Beside the mentioned duty, the VPDF plays a focal point role to receive and provide international NGOs with information of conferences, workshops related to issues of peace, solidarity, friendship and development. The VPDF also works as a consultant in carrying out projects related to peace and development, solicit financial assistance from local and foreign organizations and individuals... Activities of the VPDF in Vietnam have been remarkably contributing to enhance and strengthen the multilateral and lateral relationships between Vietnam and organizations, people all around the world; increasing the quality of cooperation with international and national NGOs.

The VPDF is in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and NGO relation with the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR).

The VPDF’s organizational structure consists of the following:

- The Convention

- The Council

- The Board

- The Secretariat

- The Control Commission and

- Functional bodies

The VPDF’s members:

The members of the VPDF are specialists, consultants, former politicians... working in a variety of fields related to peace and development.

The VPDF focuses on the following themes:


- Issues of Peace and Security


- Economics

- Agriculture

- Sustainable Development

- Education

- Social Protection

- Environment and Climate Change

2. Objectives:

Within the frame of the project “Expanding on Social Protection for Vulnerable Groups Towards Addressing Inequality under ASEAN Integration” funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Representative Office in Vietnam (RLS), VPDF now implements a research which is aimed at defining and analyzing the following issues:

- Importance and necessity of the participation of Vietnamese people organizations in developing and implementing social security policies;

- Legal framework for the participation of Vietnamese people organizations in developing and implementing social security policies;

- Possible risks and challenges faced by Vietnamese people organizations in developing and implementing social security policies;

- Good practices and lessons in enhancing the participation of people organizations in developing and implementing social security policies in developed countries;

- Recommendations and solutions to strengthen and facilitate the participation of Vietnamese people organizations in developing and implementing social security policies in Vietnam;

- Overall strategies and mechanisms for the participation of Vietnamese organizations in developing and implementing social security policies towards improving social security for the whole society.


3. Description: Desk-review research

- Collect information

- Analyze the information from different aspects

- Figure out problems and challenges

- Provide solutions and recommendations

4. Requirements:

- Bachelor degree or higher qualification

- Experience in related fields

- Experience in doing researches

- Good ability to analyze, organize and provide solutions and orientation for the real problems figured out

- Good teamwork skill

5. Expected output:

- Time to implement the research: 18th November 2016 to end of December 2016

- Research is expected to finish on time as the deadline defined by the VPDF

- The quality of the research matches the requirement of the VPDF

6. Contact information

To whom it may concern: please send us your quotation and for further information interested consultants/specialists/researchers please contact:

Ms. Bui Lien Huong – Secretary of VPDF

Phone number: 0243.9454272

Deadline: 6 p.m of 16th November 2016

Researchers discuss rural development in ASEAN integration context
An international workshop titled “Sustainable rural development in the context of ASEAN integration” was held in Hanoi on 15-16 September, with researchers from many ASEAN member and partner countries attending.
Memorial service in Hanoi for international peace figure
Leaders of many Vietnamese people’s associations attended a memorial service for the late Indian peace figure Romesh Chandra, President of Honor of the World Peace Council, held in Hanoi on 12 July in the Traditions House of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO).
Among them were Vũ Xuân Hồng, President of VUFO; Phạm Văn Chương, President of the Vietnam Committee for Asian-African-Latin American Solidarity and Cooperation; Nguyễn Văn Huỳnh, Vice-President of the Vietnam Peace Committee; senior office-bearers of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, Vietnam-India Friendship Association, Vietnam Women’s Union, Vietnam Farmers’ Union, and Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations.
Nina Tshering La, Deputy Ambassador of India to Vietnam, was also present.
Born in 1919 in Lyallpur, India, Romesh Chandra was one of the most outstanding figures of the world peace movement, and a relentless champion for international solidarity with peoples struggling for self-determination, national liberation and independence.
He made great contributions to the world campaigns to end the U.S. war in Vietnam and in solidarity with the Vietnamese people.
Romesh Chandra passed away on 4 July in Mumbai./.

Hanoi workshop prepares for bi-regional people’s forum
Researchers and civil society workers from many Asian and European countries attended a workshop in Hanoi on 12-13 May in preparation for the 11th Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF-2016) slated for early July in Ulan Bataar, Mongolia.
People’s involvement discussed at MDGs-SDGs Roundtable
Themed “From Millennium to Sustainable Development Goals: Issues confronting Vietnam and Involvement of People’s Organizations”, a Roundtable was held in Hanoi on 8 April, drawing in representatives of many NGOs and government ministries.

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