Monday, 18 Dec 2017
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VPDF to promote research projects

The Board of VPDF’s Council, meeting on November 6, decided to promote in the coming months several research projects, one of which related specifically to the world financial crisis and its impacts on Vietnam..
Others concern EU-ASEAN Free Trade Agreements and utilization of a market economy for social development purposes.

Japanese NGO finances VPDF-sponsored community projects

For two and a half years, the Japanese Sasakawa Peace Foundation has been financing community development projects in three Vietnamese provinces, with VPDF as a link organization.
The projects started in 2006 after a joint study had concluded that Japan was very successful in cooperative activities targeting the development of production and tourism and improvement of the people’s living standards, and that exchanges of experience, financed by Sasakawa Peace Foundation, would be of great help to Vietnamese local communities.

Bangkok Roundtable reviews MDGs

A VPDF Secretary attended a Roundtable Consultation on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) held at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok last March.

Chinese experience studied

Chinese experience related to “WTO accession and China’s agriculture: Trade and Impacts” was discussed at a VPDF-organized roundtable in Hanoi.

ASEAN-EU FTAs discussed

VPDF co-hosted an international Roundtable on ASEAN-EU Free Trade Agreement in Hanoi on October 6-7.

Among the topics of discussion were: Global trade as viewed by South countries; FTAs between ASEAN and EU countries; African and Latin American experience in negotiating and signing FTAs with EU countries; a Common Action Plan for ASEAN countries; and contributions that could be made by regional civil society organizations. Some twenty country reports were presented./.

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